One In Ten Words - March 9, 2020 - The Naive amalgamates a ton of amazing musical styles and influences into an amazing, familiar yet ambitious, and wholly unique sound. There are lots of different bands playing these days, many of them with similar influences and musical palates. The Naive live outside the trends and genre limitations with a very unique sonic signature. It's got a nostalgic yet fresh feel for my ears. It may be contradictory, but that's art.

Songtalk Radio with Bruce, Neel and Phil - Aug.15, 2017 - Interview with Sintja on her songwriting, including an exclusive performance of Dirty Streets accompanied by Brandon Wall (guitar) & Belinda Corpuz (vocals). 


Canadian Beats - Jan.29, 2017 - "...with the pop elements, it bares originality with the fusion of jazz into the tracks.  In short, this combination is very pleasant.  The musical arrangements are complex, yet bear some simplicity to them. The lyrical content has thought put into it."

Ride The Tempo - Jan.14, 2017 - "Saw The Sun" makes it on their WEEKLY TOP 10 list!

The Somber Lane - Jan.13, 2017 - leaks our single "SawThe Sun", thanks guys!

Guys We F****d - Jan.13, 2017 - The NY Anti-Slutshaming Podcast features our titular single "Saw the Sun" at the end of their "You Didn't Want To Want This?" episode! 


Live In Limbo - Jan.12, 2017 - “THE NAIVE has offered four songs that show an elegant ear for arrangement and that each showcase Sintja’s beautiful soprano voice. With an eclectic mix of influence, this music carves its own little path through the noise. Each track has its own air of cool that is hard to define.” 


Canadian Beats - Jan.8, 2017 - "The band has released the title track of the EP as a teaser...If you like what you hear, be sure to keep an eye out for the full EP."


Ride The Tempo - Jan.7, 2017 - "The jazz of The Naive is snappy and contemporary, but it gets a more laid-back feel from Sintja Baba’s breezy vocals."

The Somber Lane - Jan.6, 2017 - "The musical strength in this pop-centric EP lies between a refreshing eclecticism of songs; complex arrangements founded on simple melodies."

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